A door sliding along the wall is a well-known principle of door opening. The structure of the system can be with one and two wings, where the latter is made both inside and outside of a doorway. In the two-wing system, door leaves are on one line within the doorway, and each leaf, when opened, hides inside the wall.


Series of doors, to which the "COUPE" system can be applied


1. Cloth with embedded fittings;

2. Sliding kit Type 2, includes:
- Aluminum track L-2000 mm;
- 6-wheel metal carriage with load up to 120 kg (1 pc.);
- Closer activator (2 pc.), Stopper (2 pc.), Lower guide 7 mm (1 pc.), set of fastening to the canvas;
- Kit for fastening the mechanism to the wall;
- Aluminum cornice L-2000 mm with end caps;
- Bidirectional door closer (1 pc.);
- Special fixing screw (2 pc.).


• Standard add-ons and platbands at the request of the client.
• MDF cornice in the color of the canvas.

Sizes of paintings: According to the limitations of each series.


Single leaf

Construction: Out of a doorway

Double leaf

Construction: Out of a doorway

Construction: In a doorway