Profildoors Club

ProfilDoors is a leading developer of modern interior solutions, a leader in the Russian market for the production of interior doors, opening and storage systems. Since 2022, the production of premium entrance doors for country houses (cottages) has been launched.

ProfilDoors offers comprehensive interior solutions in a contemporary style. The production uses innovative technologies, modern materials and the best achievements of the global door industry. Modern, technological solutions for professional designers and architects. The company's priority is a modern audience that is interested in design, actively renovates interiors, and strives to choose the best solutions.

Combining innovative technologies, high reliability and modern service standards, ProfilDoors finds individual solutions for each client, providing excellence in interior design for residential and office spaces. Thanks to a huge range from classic to modern, you will find the best solution for your design project.

Affiliate cooperation program "ProfilDoors Club":

■ The following persons and organizations may participate in the affiliate program:
- designer, as an independent unit (IP or self -employed)
- architect, as an independent unit (IP or self -employed)
- Design studio as an organization
- The architectural bureau as an organization
- Full Cycle Repair-Snabzhenic Company
- company - manufacturer of houses of individual housing houses, low -rise construction
■ This program operates throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. The designer works in the Firm Salon, where he can meet with the customer in a comfortable environment, discuss the proposed options, make a choice and receive a commercial offer;
■ Each registered designer receives a unique number with which he can place an order in any Brand Salon;
■ Favorable terms of cooperation;
■ Full information and technical support in the implementation of your project;
■ Product training, certification;
■ Possibility of production of production by the individual order;
■ All the necessary tools for working with the customer: catalogs, booklets, color samples, coatings, glass;
■ Photo bank of interior solutions
■ 3D Model Library
■ Thematic events, presentations and conferences, as well as promotions and competitions;
■ The best design projects are posted on the ProfilDoors website and social networks;

For all questions, please contact the ProfilDoors Club department for working with designers and architects:
Phone: +7 (499) 957 81 70

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In order to register and receive a unique code of the ProfilDoors Club program member, you need to fill out the feedback form:
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