About us

ProfilDoors is a leading developer of modern interior solutions, the Russian market leader in the production of interior doors, opening and storage systems. Innovative technologies, modern materials and the best achievements of the global door industry are used in production.

ProfilDoors company was founded in 2002. Always strives for excellence and concentrates its efforts on finding new solutions, introducing world-class quality standards and continuously updating the range. It has a developed distribution network all over the world, more than 500 branded showrooms in Russia. Takes part in famous construction exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

ProfilDoors is a story about progressive views on life. The ability to think originally without stereotypes and clichés. Use technology to improve quality of life. Get rid of the visual noise and outdated ballast that our world is filled with. Behave with dignity, without the need to demonstrate to others your superiority over them. Being yourself, and not seeming like someone else, is where real luxury lies.