The book door opening system is another solution from the PROFILDOORS door factory. The design idea is based on the decision to divide the door leaf into two asymmetrical parts, due to which the parts of the leaf are folded and shifted along the guide to the left or right side (depending on the version). As a result, they occupy a position perpendicular to the plane of the wall.

The book door opening system is a solid and reliable design, a significant increase in free space and an original piece of furniture. The smooth running of the door is ensured by the mechanism of the system, hidden in the upper part of the opening. Its quiet operation will not distract your attention during a meeting or a pleasant evening with friends.

For typical apartments in high-rise buildings, a folding door book is a lifesaver. When it is important to save every corner, conveniently arrange the furniture set and create an atmosphere of comfort in the house, a door leaf with a folding mechanism is an excellent alternative to swing options. And if the decor items are located close to the opening, the booklet will also replace the compartment doors.

система книжка

система книжка в открытом состоянии

Series of doors to which the "Book" system can be applied:

U, PA (only in models: 1 PA, from 11 PA to 22 PA), PE (only in models: 1 PE, from 11 PE to 24 PE), NW, NA, NE, P, N, PD, PM, PW (only in models: 1 PW to 21 PW), 0PE, 0PA, AGN, AP, AG (only in models: 1AG, 2AG, 13AG, 14AG).


The “Folding T2” set includes two panels and the “T2 Book” mechanism.


Opening width Light opening widthDoor leaf width Door leaf width AGN
800 600700 (450+250) 700 (470+230)
900 700800 (500+300) 800 (520+280)
1000 800900 (550+350) 900 (570+330)
11009001000 (600+400)1000 (620+380)


Single leaf

Sideness: universal.

left side opening

open right