PROFILDOORS is now on NTV channel


The PROFILDOORS factory is now the official partner of the "Kvartirny Vopros" and "Dachny Answer" programs on NTV.

"The apartment question" is a TV show about the renovation, aired on the NTV channel. In the course of the program, the Housing Question team, together with renowned designers, decorators and architects, arranges the transformation of ordinary rooms into stylish and comfortable ones. The designer has complete freedom of creative expression. The audience sees the whole process of creating the interior, and the owners see only the result, and their emotional reaction is the culmination of the entire program.

Dachny answer - a weekly program aired on NTV every Sunday. This is a treasure trove of helpful tips. What can you create or alter at your dacha and how to avoid unnecessary expenses? The program's treasury contains answers to all possible questions about home improvement and a personal plot, as well as valuable expert recommendations.

For the implementation of projects in the REDEALKA TV program, the factory provides interior doors.

Watch with us every week on the NTV channel "Kvartirny Vopros" and "Dachny Otvet". It will be very interesting!

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