Aluminum Composite Panels

  • The PROFILDOORS factory offers wall panels with an innovative design.
  • This collection of art panels can be chosen as overlays on doors of the AGK (1AGK) series, as well as as interior wall panels.
  • Decorative paneling solutions can become a stand-alone design object or continue the concept of room unity, where the door will dissolve into the color of the wall.
Design options

    It is a rare Madagascar ebony. The black and white graphic and contrasting texture with a glossy surface will perfectly fit into strict interiors, adding luxury and exoticism.

    Its distinctive feature is charcoal black wood with light veins.

    The walls of the Taj Mahal are lined with a special grade of quartzite. It is characterized by versatility, unobtrusiveness of colors and the ability to become an adornment of any interior, emphasizes high status, style and refined taste.

    In the design of art panels, the exotic and valuable texture of rare species of trees is used, thereby allowing you to come into close contact with nature, add coziness and calm natural beauty to the interior.
Scheme Aluminum Composite Panels
Размер: 4 х 1200 х 3000 мм
Rich color rendering; Protection against fading and fading of the picture; Resistance to yellowing;
Moisture resistance; Chemical resistance; Resistance to temperature extremes;
Easy care; Antigraffiti; Ease;
Simple and quick installation; Invisible joint; Can be milled and folded 90 degrees.