DIVA AIR opening system The DIVA AIR sliding opening system from ProfilDoors is a new concept of sliding along the wall. A new, aesthetically innovative design developed in collaboration with the famous Italian architectural bureau. Minimum visual load, everything is simple and at the same time exceptionally elegant. The sliding guide, due to the absence of a lid, becomes part of the interior decor, giving it lightness and airiness. The Diva Air door system comes with pre-installed hardware in the door leaf. Technical features of Diva Air sliding systems: Since the system is "wall-mounted", it is required when measuring the opening, to pay attention to the quality of the walls, their curvature and slope. When erecting an opening, especially for the installation of a "wall" sliding system, it is necessary to provide embedded elements, or complete reinforcement of the opening and the wall being erected. To ensure long-lasting and high-quality operation of the sliding system, the walls should be as close as possible.

Applies to series: 0 PE, PE, LE, NE, PW, LW