Box aluminum monoblock

Box aluminum monoblock
Box aluminum monoblock
Box aluminum monoblock
The aluminum box monoblock is the development of the PROFILDOORS factory. The monoblock design allows doors to be installed in openings with wall thicknesses ranging from 80 mm to 345 mm.
The aluminum monoblock allows you to securely fix the door leaf. It goes well with various wood-like door coatings, emphasizes the elegance of the door leaf, and also makes it possible to replace the leaf with a new one without changing the door frame due to damage or a new interior solution.
  • Aesthetics and versatility in matching with door surfaces;
  • No deformation and drying out;
  • Strength, reliability, durability;
  • Simplicity and simplicity of operation and maintenance;
  • Can be removed and installed many times;
  • Easy to install;
  • No need to pre-align the opening;
  • Hides the unevenness of the wall along the platband.
  • Anode
  • Gray RAL9006 Moire
  • Black RAL9005 Moire
  • Anthracite RAL7012 Moire
Additional options:
  • Additional panels can be made of laminated chipboard coated in aluminum color 16 * 300 mm.
  • Completed for hidden hinges AGB Eclipse 2.0 (Italy) with the ability to adjust in 3 planes.
Box aluminum monoblock
Box aluminum monoblock