Model 1 AGK with art panels

AGK aluminium doors with innovative design solutions. Inspired by the beauty of nature and modern art. Expand the perception of texture, form and colour.

Composite aluminium panels:

Black-Macassar.jpg   Taj-Mahal.jpg   американский-орех2.jpg

◼️Macassar black

This is a rare Madagascar ebony variety. Its distinctive feature is its charcoal-black wood with lighter veins in different shades. It has a metallic sheen to it due to its density.

The black and white graphic and contrasting texture with a glossy surface will fit perfectly in austere interiors, adding luxury and exoticism.

◼️Taj Mahal cream

The Taj Mahal is an Indian mosque known worldwide as one of the greatest architectural masterpieces. Its walls are made of a variety of quartzite, which got its name from the Taj Mahal. The surface of quartzite looks great when polished and is especially often used in its glossy finish. Quartzite is characterised by its versatility, unobtrusive colour range and its ability to become a decoration for any interior, emphasising high status, style and refined taste.

The high-gloss finish of the art tiles imitates a machined stone, creating a soft and harmonious ambience in the interior.

Can be used for both classic and ultra-modern interiors.

◼️American Walnut

Interior glossy art panels allow you to use the exotic and valuable texture of rare wood species in interiors and greatly simplify the technological process of installation and further operation, without harming nature. This allows you to get in close contact with nature and adds cosiness and tranquil natural beauty to the interior.