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Salinas the dark
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Basic set

XN series
1. Cloth without cutting 400/500/600/700/800 x 1900/2000 mm
2. Box telescope straight: 33x74x2070 mm -2.5 PCs.
3. Casing telescope straight: 10x80x2150 mm - 5 PCs.


1. Box telescope straight: 33x100x2200 mm– 2.5 PCs.
2. Casing telescope shaped 16x70x2150 mm-5 PCs.

3. Transoms: 10х100х2070 mm.
    Transoms 10х150х2070 mm.
    Transoms 10х200х2070 mm.
    Transoms 10х300х2070 mm.

4. The box-a candy bar: EXPORT (includes hidden hinges Eclipse) 

    Box-monoblock: EXPORT 30x135 mm.
    Box-monoblock: EXPORT 30x185 mm.
    Box-AIO: EXPORT 30х250 mm.
    Expander EXPORT 30x65 mm.
    Expander EXPORT 30x100 mm.
    Expander EXPORT 30x150 mm.

5. Clip for plinth: ClipStar

6. Plinth straight 16*80*2070 mm.
     Plinth figured 16*80*2070 mm.


7. Loop: AGB Eclipse, Krona Koblenz mortise hidden loop (Italy)
8. Lock: AGB 190 with magnetic tongue(Italy)

Standard sizes of canvases: 400/500/600/700/800*1900/2000 mm

Production of the non-standard sizes of doors with a step of 5 cm is possible (not all models)

For more information, contact your dealer.

The thickness of the door leaf - 36 mm.

Box video 33х74х2070
Box straight 33*100*2200 telescope
DOB 10*100*2070
DOB 10*100*2070
DOB 10*200*2070
DOB 10*300*2070
Наличник фигурный СВ 16*90*2150 телескоп
Straight trim 10*100*2440 telescope
Straight trim 10*80*2150 telescope
Figured trim 16*70*2150 telescope
Plinth straight 16*80*2070
Plinth figured 16*80*2070
Plinth straight 10*80*2070
Plinth straight 10*120*2070
Opening Systems
System door open
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