LK Series

LK series is a collection of frame doors in glossy coating, developed in Germany on the basis of the latest developments. This coating allows to achieve high surface quality and high glossy effect. The model range offers a choice of doors both in classical style and in modern versions. Comes with Italian hinges AGB 2.0 and Italian lock AGB 190.

White Luxe
Magnolia Luxe
Pebble Luxe
Black Luxe
Grey Luxe
Darkwhaite Luxe
Дуб SKY Белёный
Дуб SKY Denim
Дуб SKY Крем
Natural chestnut
Dark chestnut
Light chestnut
Concrete Platinum
Matt with four sides
In color with 4 sides
Black Edition with 4 sides
Black glossy on 4 sides
Lacobel White lacquer
Lacobel Brown lacquer
Lacobel mother-of-Pearl lacquer
Lacobel Silver lacquer
Lacobel Black lacquer
Lacquer classic